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Toast celebrating 2017

2017-02-09 11:14:00

Time flies, suddenly busy in 2016 has been in the past, full of anticipation of 2017 came to us. CYMO ARTS (ZHUHAI) CO., LTD. held a welcome dinner on January 20,in the Honggongdian, Chairman--Chen Yue Rong, director, general manager, managers and all the members of cymo participated in the dinner, all staff had a memorable and happy night.

The party scene was full of passion, warm, lively atmosphere. Chairman-- Mr. Chen Yuerong, gave a speech and reviewed the good achievements made in 2016, and gave full affirmation and encouragement to the efforts and efforts of various departments of the company. At the same time, the Company proposed a new strategic plan in 2017. Hope that in 2017, the company to achieve the talent echelon training and construction as the focus, enhance the corporate culture, and strive to make every employee has a material and spiritual double happiness. Hope all of staff come up with passion and drive for our future struggle!

Next, all the staff in the chairman and host under the leadership of enthusiastic reading of poetry

A new Year

Ready to go all out

Enjoy sweat

Remove the dust of the past the sound of infection in the presence of everyone

2017, we are grateful to the company's pay and love, unite as one, keep making progress, work hard and create greater success! Will not live up to their own efforts, for this beautiful name -CYMO --- CYMO

Add the most beautiful colors.

In the past year, despite the economic recession, maternal and child industry downturn, the environment, the library is still a good brand to achieve good results! The increase in the number of employees, professional teams are gradually forming, which are inseparable from the company management team And all the staff of the work and pay. Moderator read out the list of winners, the chairman of the board, Li and the director awarded the honorary certificate. All the staff for the award-winning excellent staff to give the most sincere congratulations and the warmest applause.

Get-together in the "Lucky Draw", the usher in the climax, in an atmosphere of joy came to an end.

The opening of the show won the applause, the audience boiling; first of all the passion of the Department of Changbu opening dance, jumped out of the 2017 vision of happiness; show "CYMO Miss Twists Show" show Miss Twists bring us youth Vitality; Finally, lively and lovely rabbit dance is attracted everyone to come forward to take pictures.

All members enjoy a hearty dinner to celebrate the new year. The entire annual meeting in a harmonious, warm, happy atmosphere in the successful conclusion. I believe 2017 is even better!

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