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Company Profile

Founded in 2001, CYMO ARTS (ZHUHAI) CO.,LTD. is based in Zhuhai, which is one of the most beautiful coastal city in southern China where is very close to Hong Kong and Macao. The name of CYMO is derived from Greek Nereids CYMO, goddess that embodies all the beauty and goodness. CYMO loves humankind and her wish is to bring all the niceness to the mortal world, making all the children healthier, happier, smarter and more beautiful. To accomplish this wish, since its foundation, our company has been committed to designing and manufacturing safe, eco-friendly, innovative, interesting accessories and DIY educational products of high quality. More important, CYMO always dedicating itself to the mission of “Creating a happy childhood to every child”.

Innovation is the soul of CYMO’s corporate culture. Since founded, CYMO have created hundreds and thousands of original productions and they also acquire quite a few authorized patents. Among them, due to the unique techniques, creative novelty, excellent quality, high safety and eco-friendly nature, CYMO kids jewelry & accessories series and CYMO clay DIY toys series, which are specially manufactured with CYMO polymer clay technology, are very popular with children. These products have found ready markets in more than 100 countries and regions in the world. In particular, the “Miss Twists” Hair Accessories, our latest patented product, have received millions of orders and sales within one month. Many well-known toy corporations and large marketing companies have already signed contracts with CYMO to be the exclusive distributors around various countries and areas. For the unique creativity, exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality of our products, and also for the profound professionalism services, CYMO has been hailed as “No.1 Creative Polymer Clay Brand ”,”International Children's Accessory Artist” and “The Most Creative Hair Accessory Leading Brand”.

The outstanding quality and innovation capability are results of excellent corporate culture. CYMO lives for its core value, which is “Being honest, pragmatic, innovative, diligent, collaborative and shared”. CYMO’s operation philosophy is “To create value for customers, to provide opportunity for employees, and to generate benefit for society”. The open and inclusive corporate culture has brought CYMO unlimited cohesion. In CYMO, there are currently hundreds of skilled technicians, creative designers, professional account managers, and dedicated management with great enthusiasm. It’s them who have formed the strong CYMO team with powerful execution and an atmosphere of trust and confidence.

With the advent of the era of big data and the rapid development of Online shopping, our consumption habit and lifestyle have been through a fundamental change. We believe that with the advantage of e-commerce, CYMO’s innovative, safe, environmental-friendly children accessories and its DIY educational products will be delivered to thousands of families faster and more widely, bringing endless joys and happiness to both children and parents. We warmly welcome elites from all walks of life to join CYMO, together to create a great career of “Creating a happy childhood to every child”.